Based in Brisbane, Australia, Outer Loop Consulting lives on the intersection between transport planning, modelling and software development, providing technical advice and developing bespoke tools to enable robust and transparent planning practices.

Our team of highly experienced professionals aims to provide high value to clients, and our structure streamlines delivery of projects.

Our international experience, global networking and continuous research and conference attendance in Australia and abroad guarantees that we continue to be up to date with best industry practices and ensures our solutions can stand the test of time.


We value:

  • Technical rigour
  • Transparency
  • Innovation

Services we offer

We love to work closely with our client to not just successfully deliver on their projects, but to also empower them for successful delivery of future projects without locking in the need for more consulting.

This might seem counter-intuitive for a consulting firm, but we firmly believe that improving the state of the practice within the industry benefits everyone in the industry and leads to new and exciting opportunities.

At the core of this is:

  • Strong engagement and connection with clients
  • Collaboration and knowledge transfer
  • Development and transfer of tooling to support transparent and robust decision making.
    • Alternate: Where possible we aim to transfer the software tooling we build to support and analyse their projects, not just the output of those tools.


Outer Loop’s tools and services support transport decisions at all levels of government:

  • Existing and future conditions
  • Needs assessment / strategic assessment
  • Options analysis
  • Business case
  • Project selection and prioritisation
  • Project evaluation
  • Systems performance monitoring
  • Network resilience

In particular we specialise in:

  • Model development
  • Open-Source software development
  • Transport planning
  • Freight modelling
  • Demand Responsive Transit (DRT)
  • Transport modelling
  • GIS